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Welcome to the Saab Workshop.

This site is a collection of resources for Saabs, primarily for the late 900 (GM) and the early 9-3. If you would like to contribute to this site, please contact me.

 Recent additions

The following items have recently been added to the site:

Fitting a Wind Deflector to the Saab 900 (NG)  Body Shop 
 A guide to fitting a Wind Deflector, complete with Mounting Kit, to the Saab 900 (NG)
SID Pixel Fix  Electrical 
 A step by step guide to fixing the missing pixel problem on SID units
Model Identification Plates Locator  Other 
 Locate your Saab's Model Identification Plates, for VINs, Paint codes, Trim codes, Engine numbers and more
Fitting Cruise Control to the Saab 900 NG  Electrical 
 A guide to fitting Cruise Control to a Saab 900 NG
Insurance Companies  Other 
 A comprehensive list of insurance companies to save you hunting around
Saab Paint Colour Codes  Body Shop 
 A tool to locate the Paint Colour Code for your Saab
Side Repeater Replacement  Body Shop 
 Replace the standard amber side repeaters with better looking ones
SID Units Guide  Electrical 

A guide to the SID units available for the Saab 900 (NG)

SID Service Message Reset  Electrical 

A guide to resetting the "TIME FOR SERVICE" SID message on the Saab 900 (NG)

Convertible Toneau Slider Spring Repair  Body Shop 
 A guide to fixing the sprung sliders on Saab 900 (NG) and Saab 9-3 Convertibles

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