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 Workshop - Fitting a Wind Deflector to the Saab 900 (NG)
A guide to fitting a Wind Deflector, complete with Mounting Kit, to the Saab 900 (NG)



A wind deflector is a great accessory for your convertible which massively reduces the amount of wind that comes into the cabin.

These are available from your Saab dealer for 315, or they regularly appear on ebay - I purchased this one as new from ebay for about 100.

These can be fitted directly to the early Saab 9-3 with no work, but a fitting kit is needed for the 900 (NG), available from Parts for Saabs for about 13.


Fitting the Mounting Kit

The mounting kit comes complete with fitting instructions, which you can download here.

The kit comes with templates which detail where to drill holes in the rear interior trim panels. Using the template, a point is marked on the leather as in the photograph.


Temporarily place the wind deflector in the car by inserting the rear guides under the head rests. Check that the marked drill points in the trim on both sides coincide with the wind deflector's mounting points.

Once checked, take a 14mm drill bit, and carefully drill through the marked point on the trim on each side of the car.


Now remove each of the rear interior panels. Instructions for this can be found here.

Raise the panels enough so that you can see the back of the drilled holes.


Push the trim-coloured mounting through the drilled hole from the inside of the car, with the flat part facing forwards.

From behind the trim panel fit the black mount over the trim-coloured mount, ensuring the flat edge is also facing forward.

Now screw the supplied Torx screw through both mountings from the inside of the car and tighten.


Replace the interior trim panels, being careful not to snap the yellow clips. Once fitted, the mounting should look like this:


With the mountings fitted, the wind deflector can now be attached. Slide the rear guides through the rear head rests, and then press the wind deflector's studs into the new mounting holes.

The deflector can be raised or lowered as desired, and removed quickly and easily.

The deflector is also designed to fit neatly into the boot, which I would recommend doing if leaving the car unattended with the roof down.


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