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 Workshop - SID Service Message Reset

A guide to resetting the "TIME FOR SERVICE" SID message on the Saab 900 (NG)



SID 2 and SID 3 units will display "TIME FOR SERVICE" when a service is due within 600 miles. This message is displayed once the car has travelled a certain number of miles since the last service.

On vehicles from 1995, the system also takes into account the number of days since the last service. If 365 days have passed since the last service, and the message has not been triggered by the odometer, "TIME FOR SERVICE" will also be displayed.


Resetting the TIME FOR SERVICE message

This message can be reset easily if required, with the odometer monitor and day counter (if applicable) being reset. You may wish to do this if it has not been done by the garage carrying out the service, or if you are performing the service yourself.

To reset the TIME FOR SERVICE memory:

  • Press CLEAR once to remove any messages which may be on the screen.
  • Hold down the CLEAR button on the SID unit.
  • After 4 seconds, the unit will beep and "CLEAR" will be displayed.
  • After 8 seconds, the unit will beep again and "SERVICE" will be displayed.
  • Release the CLEAR button to complete the reset.

Note: This is part of the Saab's service procedures.

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