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 Workshop - Side Repeater Replacement
Replace the standard amber side repeaters with better looking ones



The Saab 900 (NG) and early 9-3s have amber repeaters as standard. Unfortunately these don't match any other part of the car, since the front indicators are clear, and the rear ones are smoked or clear.

There are a number of options for replacing these, but since I have a dark blue car, I replaced mine with a pair of smoked ones. They are a genuine Saab part, purchased from elkparts for around 12 - a small price for an improved look to the car.


Removing and Fitting the side Repeaters

Removal of the original repeaters is very easy.

As you can see from the picture, the repeater has a spring clip on the front edge. Simply push the repeater towards the front of the car, and ease the rear edge of the repeater out. Now simply disconnect the 2 wires from old repeater by pulling them off.

With the repeater disconnected, now's always a good time to give the area a quick clean, since it will never usually see soap. Make sure you don't drop the wires down into the body work.

To fit the new repeaters, connect the 2 wires to the new repeater by pushing them on. Then slide the front of repeater into the gap and push forwards against the spring, allowing you to slot in the rear of the repeater, so that it fits flush with the panel.

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